SMS Shortcodes: the universal mobile platform

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SMS shortcodes are five to six digit telephone numbers mostly used for advertising purpose by businesses. The shortcodes, being easy to remember, facilitate the process of text messaging for your business by allowing people to send an SMS to you by texting your keyword to the SMS short code. Businesses that value their time, money and customers incorporate text shortcodes into their communication and advertising channels.

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Features of Text Short Codes:

• Auto-response message within seconds
• Unlimited sub keywords
• Email forwarding
• Tracking and reporting of each enquiry sent by users
• Development and management of customised services for customer interaction

can-spam compliant

Are you
CAN-SPAM compliant?

The CAN-SPAM Act covers text messages from businesses and spells out some tough penalties for violations.

About Business SMS Anti-Spam and Best Practice


With SMS and text messaging becoming the new tool for business communication and marketing, unique text shortcodes can be used as company identity for promotions, campaigns, alerts and other activities. Several companies are opting for short codes because:

• It is easy to use and remember
• Generates sales leads
• Engages potential customers
• Immediate call to action
• Enables business communication
• Can be used for viral marketing
• Captures consumer data
• Cheaper than other communication and advertising tools

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Choosing a provider

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They are not all the same! Do some research before deciding on an SMS provider to manage your campaign.

8 questions to ask when choosing a Business SMS Provider