What is bulk SMS Software?

Bulk SMS or Mass SMS services enable businesses to reach out to their existing customers and prospects on a large scale. The speed of the Internet and the omnipresence of mobile phones make bulk SMS messaging an interactive and cost-effective method for business promotions and communications.

Effortless SMS Marketing through Bulk SMS Software

Bulk SMS Software allows you to send mass SMS messages from your desktop or laptop all at once. Businesses are realising the power of SMS marketing and by making use of bulk SMS messaging, they ensure a positive relationship with their customers. It helps you manage and transmit several SMS messages, with varied content and to the mobile phones of different recipients in an easy and cost-effective manner. The SMS software offers notifications and contact lists through reliable operation.

By installing the bulk SMS software, businesses can conveniently send high speed messages for various purposes, such as-

  • Payment reminders
  • Invites for participation in contests
  • Discount offers
  • Appointment reminders
  • Product/Service information/ features

If you’re considering using bulk SMS software to send large volumes of text messages for business purposes, you should negotiate bulk SMS rates, so you pay less for each one to be delivered to your audience.

What makes bulk SMS software so important?

The bulk SMS software can revolutionise your promotion campaigns, facilitating your interaction with the customers and prospects. It allows you to become more approachable to your target market and shows some convincing benefits, including:

  • Personally created or purchased contact lists.
  • Delivery reports.
  • Low costs, maximum reach.
  • Notifications, along with standard SMS sending options
  • Import of contact list and message content from database or Excel file format.
  • Automatic response.
  • Record of sent items for future reference

Types of mass SMS software:

There are many SMS providers who offer different SMS software options. You have to choose the ones that best suit your requirements. The software can be categorised as- Email application, web-based application, application programming interfaces (API) and desktop SMS software. The software offers a large number of message sending options which you can purchase along with them. Bulk SMS software can do wonders to your business because it enhances interaction through SMS messages, decreases the delivery and reaction time and lowers the costs.

Which mass SMS software is best?

With desktop SMS software you can send bulk SMS messages to any number of contacts.

Once the SMS software has been downloaded to your desktop or laptop PC, it can be used as a standalone application, or integrated with email applications, such as Outlook and Outlook Ex-press.


Choosing a provider

business sms providers

They are not all the same! Do some research before deciding on an SMS provider to manage your campaign.

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