Text Messaging Software…allows you to send text messages from your PC

Text messaging software is one of the most important elements in mass text messaging. It is a web, desktop or email-based application that has to be selected once the text messaging provider has been chosen. The software allows you to send bulk SMS text messages, especially mission-critical messages, through your text messaging providers’ text messaging gateway. It is through the text messaging gateway that the text message is sent to several carriers having different communication protocols.

Mass text messaging can be carried out using different interfaces, or applications. Some providers offer just one method or application. Others can provide a range of options and work closely with you, using the most effective text messaging software for your organization and project needs.

Choosing the right text messaging software

Once you’ve chosen your text messaging provider and are ready to start sending SMS, you’ll need to pick the appropriate mass text messaging software.

Reputable Business SMS Providers will always discuss your specific needs and offer advice on the best one, or ones, for you.

Some text messaging providers help the companies to find the best text messaging software which suits their specific needs. Using the software for mass text messaging can help you in more than one way.

A good text messaging software would offer the following advantages:

  • It is a secure and private mode of sending Text messages
  • It ensures that the messages are delivered on time to all the recipients
  • It supports the wireless/cellular carriers and land lines
  • It is light on your pocket as you can send numerous text messages from the PC at a nominal price. Sending text messages to several people from mobile phone can cost you quite a fortune!
  • It eliminates unnecessary paperwork and saves time and energy
  • It facilitates database management on customer contact details
  • It integrates well with the messaging service providers’ applications
  • It ensures quick delivery of text messages
  • It supports long text messages, the ones with audio, video or Flash SMS
  • It is easy-to-learn and use
  • It works on Windows-based mobile phones, GSM phones and pocket PDA and PCS

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Mass text messaging from your desktop

Desktop text messaging software is a popular choice for many organizations. The better SMS pro-viders can offer you this option too.

The text messaging software is simply downloaded to your PC desktop. It can be used as a standa-lone application or, in some instances, as software that’s integrated with email applications, such as Outlook and Outlook Express.

You can then use your desktop text messaging software to run your text messaging campaign from any internet connected laptop or desktop PC.


Choosing a provider

business sms providers

They are not all the same! Do some research before deciding on an SMS provider to manage your campaign.

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